It doesn’t matter if you live in South Tampa, Ybor, Lutz, Dania Shores or Downtown Tampa most people will only notice someone’s nose when it doesn’t appear to be in balance with the rest of his or her face. You can’t necessarily describe what’s wrong, but in your head you know something is just…off.


Now, imagine that this is your nose, and as you look at your reflection in the mirror every day, you are constantly noticing something about your nose that you just don’t like. No one else may even realize what it is that is distressing to you, but you certainly do. Don’t worry, it’s not considered vanity to be concerned about your appearance and the image you present to the world…especially when you have the option to improve or refine it.


Dr. Naidu can help you address your concerns with cosmetic rhinoplasty or nose surgery. Your nose is central to facial balance, and he will analyze your facial proportions and symmetry, help you determine what it is you don’t like, and how he can correct it surgically. Dr. Naidu will also examine you for problems with nasal airflow, a prominent dorsal hump, a boxy or droopy nasal tip, and asymmetries from a deviated septum or previous injuries.


Cosmetic rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure, and you will appreciate Dr. Naidu’s attention to detail and meticulous technique when it comes to your new nose. Schedule your consultation in our Downtown Tampa Plastic Surgery office with Dr. Naidu today to regain your facial balance!

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