New Patients

Deepak K. Naidu, MD Plastic Surgery

The new patient experience begins with complimentary valet parking at our Downtown Tampa location. Relax in our comfortable, private reception area, where our Patient Coordinator will warmly greet you. Enjoy personalized refreshments, including sparkling water, coffee, and tea, from our coffee bar.


Your consultation with Dr. Naidu starts in his private office, and continues into one of our private examination rooms. Finally, Dr. Naidu will discuss your surgical options where you can also peruse through our ‘Before and After’ pictures, ask any lingering questions, and schedule your upcoming plastic surgery procedure or your next appointment with Dr. Naidu. Your friends and family members are welcome to accompany you during your private consultations with Dr. Naidu, at your discretion.


At Deepak K. Naidu, MD Plastic Surgery in Tampa Florida, we cater to your active, urban lifestyle…we want you to enjoy your visits to our office, and be assured that our clients are our first priority. You deserve to be beautiful.

New Patients
Please fill out the new patient form, Save it as Your Name, and Email it to us.