MALE BReast reduction

MALE Breast Reduction

This is Tampa Bay. Men take their shirts off all the time…at the beach, at the pool, while running on Bayshore – any excuse, really. Many men are embarrassed or worried about the appearance of their chests when not wearing a shirt due to large breast development.


Male breast development, man boobs, or medically speaking gynecomastia, can have many causes. Some men go through a temporary phase of gynecomastia that they outgrow by their 20s. Other men may be dealing with weight gain or loss, even side effects from medications, and it can also develop for unknown reasons.


Whichever the case may be, there is something men in Tampa Bay can do about it, and Dr. Naidu can help.


Tampa Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Deepak Naidu, MD knows that breast development is a sensitive subject for men, and will be considerate of your feelings and will always respect your privacy. There are multiple causes of male breast development or gynecomastia and there are different levels of severity, which will influence how Dr. Naidu will correct it for you.


Schedule your private consultation with Dr. Naidu today and feel comfortable taking your shirt off again…because it’s always swimsuit season in Tampa!


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