Most people look in the mirror and see a few areas of their body that would look much better with just a little less fat. You try to be fit, active, watch what you eat, and work out regularly. Maybe you’ve had problems with your weight in the past. Maybe your hectic schedules at work and home makes it difficult for you to head to the gym, hit Bayshore for a run, and not eat out. No matter how hard you try a few stubborn parts of your body still have a little extra padding.


Pregnancy can be a contributor as well: all of those extra pregnancy pounds from your little bundle(s) of joy may have left you with belly fat, larger thighs and buttocks.


When you were younger, fluctuations in weight or activity level were not a big deal, and your body easily recovered. As you age losing weight can be more difficult and not as successful as past attempts.


Liposuction offers a solution for many of those stubborn areas of excess fat. One of the most popular plastic surgery techniques for over 30 years, liposuction can rid you of that extra fat in your arms, thighs, or that annoying little ‘fluff’ under your belly button. This safe and proven procedure has allowed millions of people to improve their figures through precise targeting and sculpting.


During your private consultation in our Downtown Tampa Plastic Surgery office with Dr. Naidu, he will discuss your concerns with you and help you decide on what surgical procedure is right for your goals. If liposuction or body contouring isn’t enough because you have some skin redundancy, Dr. Naidu may recommend an abdominoplasty, also known as a ‘tummy tuck,’ to restore your body shape and fix that muffin top.


You’ve made positive changes in your life, and are living a healthier, more active lifestyle…schedule your private consultation in Tampa with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Naidu today, to help you make your outside look as good as you feel on the inside!

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