What Exactly Do We Mean by “Weekend Recovery” Breast Augmentation, and is it Right for You?

You’ve probably read this a few times in newsletters from my office but aren’t entirely sure what we mean!  Let me tell you about one of our clients to illustrate.  We recently met with a client at our office who was a bride-to-be, with her wedding coming up within a few weeks.  She was interested in breast augmentation…but wanted this done in time for her wedding! 

Not to brag, but I’ve seen a few episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress” in preparation for helping one of my best girlfriends with her wedding dress shopping (which, oddly enough, I wasn’t invited to…however, I was the Man of Honor at her ceremony, though!), and I know that wedding gowns are ordered months in advance and require final alterations a few weeks before the big day to account for possible changes in measurements, weight changes from pre-wedding stress, and any last-minute ‘modifications’ or ‘enhancements,’ in her case! 

Typically after breast augmentation surgery, clients will also need several weeks of recovery time to account for postop swelling and edema, healing surgical incisions, and for the implants to settle into proper position.  If dual-plane (under the muscle) breast augmentation is performed, in which the implants are partially covered by the chest muscle to limit visibility and rippling of the implants, there is initially more discomfort along with limited range of motion of the arms to do important things like…for example, tossing a bouquet on your wedding day! 

With our bride-to-be, we discussed her surgical options and decided that she would be a good candidate for our signature weekend recovery breast augmentation.  This is not only a great option for first-time breast augmentation, but this technique can also be performed for revision breast surgeries including clients who want their implants replaced for shape or size, or for clients who developed scar tissue around their implants (capsular contracture).  We can even perform a small breast lift at the time of augmentation and hide the scars!  Since we only use the latest gummy bear silicone breast implants, this allows our clients to decide how much cleavage they want as well as how full they want their breasts to look, both in and out of clothing!   

The implants are placed above the muscle and because of the silicone gel, visible rippling is not an issue, even on the thinnest of clients (Check out our before-and-after gallery on our website and you’ll see what I mean!).  In addition, I use a ‘no-touch’ technique using a special device called a Keller funnel, so that no one (including your surgeon!) touches the implants before they are put into position.  This helps decrease the risk of infection and also reduces the size of the incisions needed to what is normally used for saline implant breast augmentation! 

Weekend Recovery breast augmentation may not be the ideal procedure for every client, but it needs to be a strong consideration for anyone who has a busy professional, social, or family life.  Our clients only take pain medication for 1-2 days after surgery (if even that long…our bride-to-be said she was fine with just Tylenol after her procedure!) and are already comfortable driving their car or returning to work after the weekend.  Contact our office to schedule your consultation to see if Weekend Recovery breast augmentation can work for you!

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