Aesthetics by Raquel’s Fall Special: Purchase a Microneedling Treatment

Have you heard of microneedling? This is the latest technique that aestheticians use to stimulate new collagen formation, which can help minimize fine lines and improve skin texture.

Instead of dealing with costly laser resurfacing treatments, microneedling is performed in the office with the added comfort of a topical anesthetic.

Recovery is only 2-3 days, and your treatment can be scheduled on Fridays so that you have plenty of time to rest over the weekend!

Raquel has paired her signature microneedling treatment with a complimentary chemical peel that is customized to your skin type. Your microneedling procedure will be performed first to promote new collagen formation, followed by your custom chemical peel 3-4 weeks later to revitalize your skin!

Contact our office to schedule your consultation with Raquel and to discuss if microneedling is a good option to refresh your look this season!

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